Work Hours – Mohandesin Branch

Monday 4.00 – 9.00 PM
Tuesday 4.00 – 9.00 PM
Thursday 4.00 – 9.00 PM

Walk-ins are welcome

If our work hours are not convenient for you,
please call 0101 455 2766 for a VIP appointment
Client Age Requirement: 12+ years

Hearing Consultation

Our Hearing Professionals care about you.
To evaluate your individual hearing needs
and receive the details of the best options
for improving your hearing loss, expect to
spend a minimum of one hour with your
Hearing Professional.

What to Bring with You

Please bring the following with you to your appointment:
• Most recent audiogram (hearing test)
• Medical history of hearing loss, hearing disorders, and/or ear surgeries
• A family member or friend

“There’s never been a better time than now to have hearing loss.”

The Clarity Hearing Staff are here to help!!! — come see us today